Laboratory Services & Technical Support

At our innovation and application canter in Pakistan, we work on continuous improvements. Raw ingredients are translated into customized solution ideas and concept are developed into functional prototype and technical challenges are solved.
Our application laboratories filled with state-of-the-art equipments, enable us to formulate the products as per the expectations of our customers and to address the challenges in the for formulation.

Our technical team has the capability to advise you on selection of suitabl eactives, their associated excipients and delivery system to provide you the best solution.

Warehousing & Supply Chain Solution

Alternative Chemicals has a huge warehouse facility to manage all kind of raw material inventories. Our efficient management system is capable of dealing with optimum inventory. Our experienced staff can help you with hazardous, non-hazardous material handling, export logistics, global sourcing & sales coverage. We offer you cost savings through reliable packaging, warehousing, container consolidation, and volume freight agreements. We work to save your time and money while optimizing efficiency all along your supply chain. 

Sourcing Solutions & Regulatory Support

As a global distributors, we collaborate only with certified manufacturers. Our sourcing team ensure the selecting high quality products which are manufactured in compliance with relevant dossiers.

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